Saturday, December 22, 2018

50. Annual Sports Day

The Annual Sports Day of 2018-19 (21December 2018) of IASE, Thrissur was conducted in  the  mini stadium of Vimala College, Thrissur.It began with a  March-past by the four Houses. The   Principal of the Institute, Dr.C.Praveen,  received the salute and declared the  Sports Meet open. The General Captain  Ms. Shana  read out the oath for the participants.

Dr.Sreekala, Assistant Professor in Physical Education ably assisted by a team of officials comprising the teaching staff of the Institute and student volunteers organized a series of events which included among others 100 metre dash, 400 metre race,Relay races,  Long jump, Shot Put and  Javelin throw.

Ms. Anitha of the First Year MEd and Mr.Nasik of the First Year BEd course became the  individual champions.

49.Christmas Celebration

Wishing everyone peace and happiness, the College Union celebrated  Christmas with the staff and students…

Messages from the Principal Dr. C.Praveen, Student representative, Ms. Sneha and Staff Advisor Ms. Sheena Jose were followed by  visit by Santa Claus…cake cutting and cultural programmes…

48.Release of College Diary

The College Diary was released this month…

47.Community Living Camp

Learning to live together  co-operatively, participation in programmes for development of personal and social skills, practicing democratic living, providing chances for division of labour, community work etc. were some of the expected outcome of the Community Living Camp –‘Edam 2K18’ organized for the third Semester BEd trainees of the college from 17 to 20 December 2018 in the institute campus.

46.Workshop on Art and Drama

A six-day Workshop on Art and Drama was organized for the third semester BEd students of the college from 10 to 15 December in the college….The coordinator of the workshop Ms.Sheena Jose had worked tirelessly for almost a month to ensure that  the  participants get an opportunity to meet, interact and learn from artists  who have specialized in several areas.

45.IML Academy briefing

On 6 December, IML Academy gave an introduction of the courses offered by them.

44.S4MEd Adieu

The  fourth Semester MEd students who had  just taken their final examination  were given a warm farewell by the third Semester MEd students.
Snapshots from the farewell function:

43.Presentation on Growth Mindset

A few  first year MEd students of the college had   attended the Two-day National Seminar on Quest for Effective Paradigms in Teacher Education organized by the Government  College of Teacher Education, Kozhikkode on 29th and 30th November 2018.  The Principal of IASE, Thrissur, Dr.C.Praveen,  was  invited to present a paper on the Sub theme: Vistas, Challenges and Innovative Practices in Teacher Education. The paper won the award for the Best Paper of the seminar.

During the award distribution ceremony, the MEd students received the prize  on
the Principal’s behalf. Back in college, based on a request by the  College Union, Dr. C.Praveen presented the prize winning paper entitled  Fostering  ‘Can-do’ Attitude By Nurturing Growth Mindset-An Experiment.

Prior to the presentation, Dr.Lidson Raj, senior faculty of Govt. College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram and the invited Resource Person for the workshop on Advanced Statistics handed over the award to the Principal.

42. Workshop on Advanced Statistics

With a view to  pruning the skills at using Statistics for research, a Workshop on Advanced Statistics was conducted in the college for the first year MEd students from 03 to 05 December 2018  using the Plan fund sanctioned by the Department of  Collegiate Education.

Dr. T.K.Jayasree, Principal i/c, Govt, Brennen College of Teacher Education, Thalassery inaugurated the workshop and engaged the  first day’s session. Dr.Lidson Raj, faculty of Govt. College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram, engaged the sessions on the last two days.

181.Louis Master Reminiscence

Imagine someone dedicating ones retired life to   travel for bonding friendships...That’s Louis alumni of IASE and later ...