Sunday, June 30, 2019

86.Discussion on Draft of NEP 2019

The Institute  organized a session to discuss the  Draft of the New Education Policy 2019.  Invited  experts included  :
Dr. M. V. Natesan, Professor, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady.
Dr. M. A. Babu (Former Principal & Head Department of Education, Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan Guruvayoor Campus)

The MEd students  of the Insititute and teacher educators from neighbouring  institutions participated. Dr.Harinarayanan, Assistant Professor in Sanskrit who coordinated the session  began by  affirming the  significance of  eliciting responses to  a  policy that is likely to have a  profound  impact in  India. 

The Principal, Dr.C.Praveen who presided  lauded  the unique  vision of the Policy. 

The experts Dr.Natesan and Dr.Babu attempted a review of  the  Policy with special focus on teacher education, access, equity, quality, accountability and affordability. A lively discussion followed.  

85.Session on Action Research

During the School Internship programme for the two Year BEd Course, the students are expected to conduct an Action Research.  As the Under Graduate students are new to research, a  full day lecture cum practical session on stages of Action Research- planning, acting, observing and reflecting was organized in the Institute on 25 June 2019. Prof Mani of De Paul Institute of Management Development engaged the session which helped the trainees to clearly define issues, ideas and assumptions. The session was co-ordinated by Ms.Anitha, Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology.

Friday, June 21, 2019

84.Transfer and Postings 2019

The transfer orders were uploaded in the third week of June. Dr.Sanathosh Areekuzheeyil, Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology was transferred to Govt. College of Teacher Education, Kozhikkode.  Dr.Harinarayanan, Assistant Professor in Sanskrit joined in the vacant post of Dr.Unnikrishnan who retired in March 2019. A week later Mr.Prasant, Asst. Prof. in Educational Psychology joined IASE, Thrissur.

Ms. Vallimma, office staff, retired from service on 21.05.2019. Sri  Harikrishnan office staff, left the service early June and Sri Jose Joseph joined IASE as Office Assistant on transfer from PM Govt. College, Chalakkudy. 

83.International Yoga Day 2019

Following intimation from the authorities, the Institute had planned well in advance to celebrate International Yoga Day and Dr.Sreekala, Assistant Professor in Physical Education, had been in touch with Ms.Jisha Satheesh an Yoga Teacher for planning the programme for International Yoga Day 2019. Thanks to such efforts, despite the fact that a majority of MEd students were taking the National Eligibility Test on Education and the BEd students were completing the quota of Criticism Lessons, a demonstration of  yoga poses and group yoga exercises were organized in the Institute auditorium on 21 June 2019.

Ms.Jisha began the session by  affirming the connection between body, mind and spirit and the  significance  of performing yoga as a daily activity.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

82.Reading Day

In honour of P.N.Panicker who spearheaded the Library Movement in Kerala with the slogan ‘Read and Grow’, each year, on 19 June, Reading Day is celebrated.  Today, during the Morning Assembly, Dr.Harinarayanan, Assistant Professor in Sanskrit, addressed the students on the significance of   celebrating the Day. A few students and teachers also shared their  impressions.

81. World Environment Day 2019

Every year the Institute celebrates World Environment  Day on  05 June. This year the Institute re-opened after summer vacation only on 06 June 2019. On that day, during the College Assembly,  the students of  Natural Science  gave a special talk on the 2019 theme, ‘Air Pollution’. A couple of days later a video on environmental pollution was  shown to sensitize everyone on the significance of doing what is possible to save the Earth.

Dr.Mubi Muhammed, Assistant Professor of  Natural Science and Convenor of the Eco Club  addressed the trainees  of the college and  insisted that they take special care of their own college premises  by curbing the habit of   dumping  packages of  food ordered  online.

Monday, June 17, 2019

80.Student Publication

Mr.Sarath Prasad  who had  once served as the  Calicut University Union Councillor  put to good use this vacation.  Thanks to the assistance and support of his  colleagues  he could compile  and publish   the interviews he had conducted with personalities from different fields. This was published in the form of a book entitled ‘Vakmudrakal’ in Malayalam.  A copy of the  book was  handed over to the Principal today  17 June 2019  during   the morning  assembly following which  Mr.Sarath  introduced the book.

Several  MEd  students  of the college had  attended Conferences and Seminars during 2018-19.   The papers  presented by  the  students  were published in a book form.  The  authors of the  papers were also  felicitated the same day.

Friday, June 14, 2019

79.Institute Reopens

The Institute was promised a new Website this academic year (2019-20) similar to the ones assigned to Government colleges. So, in  April the once abandoned  website which was not updated for almost three years was updated and will  continue to be operational this academic year. Please view

Following the summer vacation, the Institute reopened. Renovation work  was undertaken on a minor scale. The concrete water tank in the  building functioning as Girl’s hostel   was replaced with huge fibre tanks, thanks to assistance from the PWD.

The fourth Semester BEd students who took their final examinations in April 2019 did very well and some were lucky enough to get appointments in schools and colleges. While a couple of students got married, a few who were already married became a  mother.

During April-May, almost all the teachers  of the Institute were busy  preparing their long over due Placement applications fulfilling the guidelines proposed by the Department of Collegiate Education.

While school teachers in the state are beginning to adjust with  the  sweeping changes in public education- the  Khader Committee recommendations to bring  classes 1-12 under a single authority, the teacher educators are gearing up to proposed changes in the  BEd. Course. The following tweet from the Hon. Minister for Human Resource Development, Sri Prakash Javadekar tells it all: "Teaching should become a profession of choice but not a profession of left over that is why we are introducing 4-year integrated B.Ed course in the coming academic year." 

181.Louis Master Reminiscence

Imagine someone dedicating ones retired life to   travel for bonding friendships...That’s Louis alumni of IASE and later ...