Index of Posts

1.Transfer  and   Re-opening
2.World Environment Day
3.Reading week
4. International Yoga Day
5.Demonstration  and  Criticism  Lessons
6.Full Additional Charge
7. Transfer of Non-Teaching Staff
8.Foundation Day
9.Condolence Meeting
10.Session on Paper Craft
11.PTA Meeting
12.Session on Communicative English
13.Programme of Sanskrit Academy
14.Award Ceremony
15.Helping hand
16.Hiroshima Day
17.72nd Independence Day
18.IASE…Always with you
19.Health Alert
20.Teachers' Day
21.Flood relief assistance
22.Workshop for MEd students
23.Session on NLP
24.Damage assessment volunteers
25.Stress Clinik
26.Workshop on Reading and Reflecting on Texts
27. Tourism Club inauguration
28.Alumni Meet 2018
29.Oath Taking by College Union
31.Swachh Campus
32.MEd Retreat 2018
33.In-service course for teachers
34.Union and Arts Club inauguration
35.Kerala @62
36.Dissertation Topic Finalization
37.Training in use of ICT
38.Refresher Course on Gender,School & Society
39.International Students’ Day
40.Constitution Day
41.Staff News-November
42.Workshop on Advanced Statistics
43.Presentation on Growth Mindset
44. S4 MEd Adieu
45.IML Academy briefing
46.Workshop on Art and Drama
47.Community Living Camp
48.College Diary
49.X’mas Celebration
50.Annual Sports Day
51.New Year’s Eve
52.New Year Gift
53.ICT Workshop
54.Educational Tour
55.Staff Wedding
57.Workshop on Understanding the Self
58.Republic Day 2019
59.Trainee Assessment
60.Road Safety Week
61.SUPW Workshop
62.International Mother Language Day
63.Workshop on Academic Writing
64. Summer Marathon
65. National Science Day
66.Women’s Day
67.Sanskrit Seminar Series
68.S4BEd Study Tour
69.Care and Concern
70.Arts Fest
71.Recruitment screening
72.Holi celebration
73.Inter-Training College Badminton
75.College Day
76.Inauguration of Film Club
77.S4BEd Farewell
78.Staff Farewell
79.Institute Reopens
80.Student Publication
81.World Environment Day 2019
82.Reading Day
83.International Yoga Day 2019
84.Transfer and Postings 2019
85.Session on Action Research
86.Discussion on Draft of NEP 2019
87.Reminiscence of Kesavadev
88.New Batches arrive
89.Special Sessions for MEd students
90.Topic Refining
91.Foundation Day 2019
92.Guest Talk
93.Seniors welcoming juniors
94.Film Festival
95.Brochure and News
96.Promotion and Posting
97.IASE Day at Calicut University
98.Session on ICC Regulations
99.Course Intro by SRC
100.Seminar Series
101.Student Saftey
102.Diamond Jubilee
104.New Office Staff
105.Research Centre Inspection
106.Annual Plan Meeting
107.Flood Relief Assistance
108.The IASE Library
109.Hiroshima Day
110.Independence Day
111.Sadbhavana Diwas
112.Sanskrit Day
113.Health Club Inauguration
114.PTA Meet
115.Cinema Talkies
116.Flood Relief Assistance II
117.Photo Unveiling
118.S4 MEd farewell
119.College Union Election
120.Logo Release
121.Gurushreshta Puraskaram
122.Teachers’ Day
123.Onam Celebration
124.Sandkrit Meet
125.Onam vacation and wishes
126.Hindi Divas
127.Accolades 4
128.Kathak Demo
129.S1 MEd Retreat
130.World Tourism Day
131.Institutional Visit
132.College News Update
133.Programme of Sanskrit Academy
134.Honouring Senior Citizens
136.A Clean Campus
137.Accolades 5
138.College Union inauguration
139.Health Club News
140.Gandhi on Silver screen
141.Tourism Club Inauguration
142.Jeevani Wellness Centre
143.National Seminar October 2019
144.Restart A Heart Day
145.Police Commemoration Day
146.October 31st
147.Kerala Piravi
148.Pre-service workshop
149.Visit to Santhibhavan
150.Principal’s Workshop
151.National Seminar 11 November
152.S3MEd Educational Tour
153.Workshop for teacher educators
154.Kunje Ninakkai
155.S1MEd Workshop
156.Community Living Camp
157.Change of Guard
159.College News
160.Christmas Celebration
161.Art work
163.Students against climate change
164.Sports Meet
165.Seminar on National Youth Day
166.Workshop for S3 MEd
167.Workshop for S3 BEd
168.Workshop on understanding the self
169.Gandhi exhibition
170.Republic Day 2020
171.Internship S2 MEd
172.Workshop on LAC
173.Therapeutic  Dance
174.PTA General Body Meeting
175.Workshop on Sanskrit Films
176.Staff  News
177.Managing Learning Disability
178.National Science Day
179.A Role Model
180.Annie Besant Speech Competition
181.Louis Master Reminiscence

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181.Louis Master Reminiscence

Imagine someone dedicating ones retired life to   travel for bonding friendships...That’s Louis alumni of IASE and later ...