Friday, September 28, 2018

27. Tourism Club inauguration

Every year, activities  are  organized for the trainees by  the Tourism Club which functions in the college.
Ms Sheena Jose, the Convenor of the Tourism Club  for the academic year 2018-19, got in touch with the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC), Thrissur, to initiate the activities of the Tourism Club. So, on  27  September 2018  when the World Tourism Day is celebrated, the Tourism Club of the college for the current academic year was inaugurated.

In  the inaugural function organized in the Seminar Hall, Dr.C.Praveen,  Principal-in-charge of the college, presided and  recalled the  proposed theme of  The World Tourism Organization, (UNWTO) for 2018,  namely, ‘Tourism and Digital Transformation’  and reminded the students  of the  special role they have to play as teachers in future.

Mr.Jackson, the Public Relations Officer of  DTPC, Thrissur who inaugurated the Tourism Club (2018-19) of the college, screened  illustrative videos to  create an awareness of the scope and prospects  of tourism in Kerala. The emerging concept of Farm Tourism, Home Stay, the  love of tourists for   local cuisine, handicrafts and art forms  were also covered in a brief talk following the video presentation.   

Ms. Sheena Jose,  the Convenor of the Tourism Club observed that  for the last two years,  lack of availability of funds had reduced activities of the Tourism Club  of the college to a mere field trip. She expressed her hope that this year the programmes  organized  by the Tourism Club would not only be  different, but memorable too. 

Frames from the videos displayed during the session:

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